Sykes Family Residence and Reception

The History of Pelican Sheep Station
The Pelican Sheep Station is part of an original grant of land made to Dr. Andrew Gibson in 1828.

Some of the best grazing land in the 'Mulwaree Ponds' district (Goulburn), has been farmed continuously for almost 175 years.

In 1827, another pioneer family took up land in the area - one George Sykes. George was the son of William Sykes, a former in-keeper transported as a convict in 1806 for allegedly receiving two stolen barrels of beer.

Wlliam Sykes was appointed tutor to the children on the farm of James Macarthur, father of Australia's wool industry. On his pardon in 1811 he was granted land in Appin, later joining son William near Goulburn where he ended his days.

The Sykes family extended their holdings over the years and in 1950 purchased the land now known as Pelican Sheep Station as an addition to their property 'Australind', 20 kilometres to the south-west.

Philip Sykes, a descendant of the early pioneers, today farms Pelican Sheep Station and offers visitors guided tours of this traditional Australian station.

With a mixture of wool, prime lambs, beef, mutton, oats and triticale, the Pelican Sheep Station is a modern agricultural farm.


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